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 Fi!fish+ Global IP Cultural Brand Plan

The first CULTURAL&CREATIVE supply chain platform serving global IP brand.

Powerful and professional supply chain and resources: Designers, Artists, Fabric masters, Factories, Board houses, etc .;

Creative operation team: Product research and development, technology development, marketing, customer service, etc.


Provide IP marketization services for various industries, and reach more consumer groups, including young people who love art and creativity, through the creative, design, production, and marketing of IP and cultural and creative products.Through the mutual empowerment of business and cultural industries, create greater value together.

Provides a creative design platform for designers and artists, and turn their creative works into cultural and creative products for the market through Fi!fish + unique personalized customization platform.

Fi!fish + Brand plan hopes to promote the integration and development of cultural and creative industries, resource conversion and brand cultivation through its strong development and operation capabilities, to help IP brands develop more product categories and services, and to effectively enhance brand awareness. Let enterprises innovate independently and open up global markets.

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