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【Printing】Double-sided printing【Technique】Ink【Material】Ink position:MDFear hook:cooper-plating silver【Size】drop-shaped:9

  • Lead Time: 5
  • MOQ: 10
  • Product ID: 56666
  • Sample Price(USD): 1.3

【Printing】Double-sided printing


【Material】Ink position:MDF

ear hook:cooper-plating silver

【Size】drop-shaped:9.2x4cm/3.6x1.6in; thickness:3mm/0.2in

Circular blade:7.5x3cm/2.9x1.2in; thickness:3mm/0.2in

【Product description】Made of medium fiber plate, light weight, comfortable to wear;Ear hook adopts electroplating technology, copper cross silver material, reduce allergy, safe to wear. Ear hook is designed for fish hook, easy to wear, not easy to fall off.The two styles, water drop and round leaf, are suitable for all kinds of face shapes and bright colors. They can be used as daily dressing items or as gifts.


1. Avoid humidity

2. Avoid collision and friction with hard objects

3. Avoid contact with chemical products or products prone to oxidation to make metal oxidation

4. Do not allow children to play, to prevent accidental eating

5. Avoid prolonged wear

6. The hook is made of metal and should not be worn when bathing or sweating.

7. If you feel uncomfortable, please do not continue wearing.

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